The name
Posted on 27 April 2010
KISMET is a Turkish name. It means “Faith”, “Allah has wanted it like this” or something like.

In 1997 we sailed with our daughters Marije (19 by then) and Mirjam (13) from Holland toBodrum in an Optima-98 (Dehler). During that journey Ria and I got the plan to start living that way later when we are retired. I asked Ria many times what kind of ship she wanted by then. I pointed to ships like Halberg Rassies, but she always said: “No, these are plastic boats (Tupperware)”. She wanted a doubble-ender. When we walked in Galaxidi (Gulf of Korinthe), she said: “That boat over there, that is one I like.” Also for me she looked good. I found out, that she was a Hans Christian 48 and I remember she had an American flag. Back in Holland I started to inquire after Hans Christians.

In June 2004 I found on internet a second hand HC-48, located in Marmaris. I asked my good friend Kees Verboom from Yildiz Yachting (charter-company in Bodrum) to join me to inspect this boat. And she was lovely. She was very well maintained. Looked like new. And she had all the equipment, that I wanted. We negotiated with the owner (Jack McAffee) in the US and bought her. Her name was KISMET.

I asked McAffee if he was on that day in July 1997 in Galaxidi and he was. So Ria pointed in 1997 the ship that later became ours: KISMET !